My Three Guests…

The Chat Pack question for this post is: If you won a contest in which your prize was to select any three quests to appear on a popular late-night talk show, which three people would you choose?

Bill Murray would be my first choice because he is one of my favorite actors of all time and he’s worth staying up late for.If you need a Bill Murray fix, check out Zombie Land, The Razor’s Edge, Broken Flowers and my personal favorite, Meatballs.

Wes Anderson is my second choice and if you’re not familiar with the movies he’s directed you should check them out! The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, The Royal Tenenbaums and The Fantastic Mr. Fox are just a few of the movies you should be familiar with. As an added bonus, Bill Murray has been in all three of those movies so you’d earn some extra credit coolness for watching them!

The last person I would choose is ME. I think that I am an interesting, fun and snarky person and even though I haven’t been in any movies I would still be interesting to talk to. Plus, I love Bill Murray and Wes Anderson so I would be really nice to them (and we could go for drinks after the interview). As a super-duper added bonus, I could play my banjo and we could have a sing-a-long.

Who would you have?




Postaday #24 Strawberry!

Strawberry is coming!

21 Days, my friends! Go to to see the Spring 2011 lineup! These snacks are almost as sweet as the real Strawberry.

Postaday #23 “Talking Dog”

I admit it- I have conversations with my dogs. Let me rephrase that: I give my dogs a voice so I can pretend they can talk and then I have  a conversation with them. Maybe I just should have said that I talk to myself a lot and my dogs happen to be in the room. Anyway- I found a really funny YouTube clip that features a dog talking (well… sort of!):

I think it’s pretty funny!


"Let us in! We're not wearing shoes, dammit!"

Postaday #22 “Typical Questions”

When people find out what you do for a living, what is the most typical question that they are likely to ask you regarding your job?

I am an elementary school teacher and the most typical question I get is:

Do you like what you do? I do. I like working with children and I especially enjoy seeing them learn and grow. I have a student from Guatemala and he is in the process of acquiring English and I have been working with him one on one (I have a student teacher so I am out of the classroom while she has full control) and he is making a great deal of progress in such a short time. In the 4th grade students learn their multiplication facts to 12 and learn long division so they can be ready to go to the 5th grade. Writing, science, social studies and reading are also a part of the curriculum I teach. Another part of my job is  to deal with parents who are unable or unwilling to help their children and it is frustrating; but I always remember that I am at school for the children.

Postaday #21 “Little River Band”

I am a product of the 1970’s and I love the Little River Band (or LRB for those in the know) and “Reminiscing” is one of my all time favorite songs. Put on your polyester suit or kicky wrap skirt and click here – enjoy!

Postaday #20

Hello all!

For today’s post, go to to read the letter I wrote to my friends who just adopted a dog.


Postaday #19 “Greatest Lesson”

Chat Pack Question #27:

What is the greatest lesson in life you have ever learned?

One of the greatest lessons in life I have learned is that it’s okay when you don’t get what you really wanted, because there’s usually something better for you down the road. I’m not saying that knowing or believing that makes it easier to deal with the disappointment but I have found it to be true for me.